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Integrated Technical Services Co. (ITS)

Integrated Technical Services Co (ITS ) specializes in catering to the Oil & Gas sectors, Energy, Petrochemicals, Power & Water, Marine, Aviation, Steel & Cement Industries, by Supply of Equipment, Materials and Services. The brand range of products that ITS sources from all over the world and supplies to its customers in Qatar includes:


ITS Company is specialized in Advanced NDT Inspection, NDT Equipment, Fired Heater Tubes Inspection & Intelligent Pigging ( FTIS), Pipeline Inspection, Pipeline Fittings & Accessories, Pigging in peggable pipelines ( In Vista), Online Radioactive Gamma & Backscatter Scanning into process equipment and pipelines, Leak Study, Chemical Tracer Study, Density Gauge, Level Gauge, Interface Gauge, Radiation Monitor Supply and Recalibration Services, Ultrasonic Pig Detectors, Sand Monitoring, Corrosion Erosion Monitors, Sub Sea Monitors, Pipeline Pigs Supply and Refurbishment Services, Storage Tank Inspection by Acoustic Emission Testing, Pressure vessel Inspection, Valve Leak Testing, High-Pressure Test Pack, Booster, Pumps, Hoses, Fittings Etc…

Tel: (+974) 44317486 


Also providing Consulting Services like Fitness-For-Service Assessment, Condition Assessment, Risk-Based Asset Management, Asset Performance Optimization, Failure Investigation, Materials Consulting & Materials Research, Field & Laboratory Services, Products and Technologies, Commercial Software Etc...


Liquid Interface Measurements, Chlorination Equipment, Fire & Gas Detectors, Gas Compressors, HDPE Liners, Life Boats, Davits, Winches & Life Rafts, All types of valves, Analytical Services, Pipeline Isolation Systems, Pipe Clamps and Pipe Recovery Tools, HSE Consultancy, Risk Assessment and HAZOP study, Tank Gauges, Tank Radars and Tank Mixers, Oil Separators, Cleaning & Maintenance Chemicals, Speciality Doors, International Independent Inspection & Testing, Process Diagnostics Services, Reservoir Flow study, Etc…


Besides these, ITS also offer servicing of equipment, consultancy services in a wide variety of disciplines like loss prevention and industry-related matters and inspection services.