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Edgewater is a part of Al Malki Group Holding. It is a 100% Qatari owned company and have licenses and other legal certificates necessary to operate in Qatar.


Edgewater is a corporate member of the “Institute of Recruiters”, “The British Institute of Cleaning Science” and “The British Institute of Facility Management”. It is also registered with the ‘Ministry of Finance’. We have agreements with reputed recruitment agencies in various countries to work jointly to enhance the outsourcing business in Qatar. 

Our associate’s several years of specialized experience in recruitment together with the local knowledge and strength of Al Malki Group will provide our clients, one of the best outsourcing solutions. Our Financial strength is time tested so that during the worst global recession period, we were able to manage our business without much difficulty. Our Group’s growing net worth and support services available will easily handle Edgewater’s challenges related to the projects. Our active network consists of recruitment agencies in various countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Egypt, Lebanon, South Africa, India, Philippines, Dubai, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Morocco and Indonesia, etc.


Edgewater’s team includes highly experienced Managers and specialized staff involved in recruiting, outsourcing, support services and HR related functions in other GCC countries. Their experience with International Business groups in handling similar projects will contribute to managing the projects successfully.


We understand that every project is unique and that methodologies exist to handle it. A key factor in our success is the quality relationship we build and maintain with our clients, targeting an objective to be cost-effective and thus set ourselves as the primary service provider for our clients.


We uphold the principles of Integrity, Quality, Creativity and Professionalism for our Clients, our Staff and our Community. We have well-established quality processes, to evaluate the effectiveness of our Business Operations.

Product & Services

  •  Out Sourcing Services
  •  Facility Management
  •  Cleaning Services
  •  Hospitality Management
  •  Marine Crew Management
  •  Technical & IT Services


Edgewater Qatar